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Rainbow Theatre South West

About us

Rainbow Theatre South West was established in 2014 in the City of Bath under the direction of actor and director Chris Carruthers.

In 2013 I worked as an actor for Rainbow Theatre South East, and instantaneously experienced the impact that the historical workshops and larger performance shows have on children of all ages. The fact that the children are directly involved in all of Rainbow’s visits make it all the more memorable for them and it’s been proven that they digest much more information when they participate rather than simply spectate. It is a fantastic way to start or end a terms project.

I grew up in the South West and went to a small village school. We were never lucky enough to experience a Theatre in Education Company come to visit, as the school simply couldn’t afford it. We all know how much schools have suffered in the budget cuts and I believe this is even more prominent in smaller schools. I’m extremely passionate about our work reaching children who are in a smaller village schools as I think it’s so important that all children should have the opportunity to experience Theatre in Education as there is so much to be gained from it, especially for SEN children who often benefit from a much more practical mode of teaching.

Now that we are firmly on the radar in the South West, and have run several successful tours in the region, I have decided to run a brand new Rainbow Pilot programme that will directly benefit schools who have less than 60 children per year group. Any school who books one of our annual performance productions either The Easter Story or our annual pantomime for the whole school will be eligible for one of our historical curriculum workshops for expenses only at any point during the same year.

If any two village schools link up and make a combined booking for any of our productions then Rainbow will contribute to the cost of transport for one school to travel to the other for the show or alternatively a village hall somewhere in the middle. The two schools can then split the cost of the workshop or performance production.

Please see below some information on a few of our most popular Historical Workshops and this year’s Easter and Christmas production.

Repertoire 2016

Historical Workshops:

The Great Fire of London. (Available all year.)
We’ll meet again. (Available all year.)
A child in Ancient Grease. (Available all year.)
Victorian Children. (Available all year.)
A child in Roman Britain. (Available all year.)
An introduction to Shakespeare. (Available all year.)

Performance productions:

3 fairy tales. (Available all year up.)
The Easter Story (Available throughout March)
Dick Whittington (Available throughout December.

Historical Character Visits:

Florence Nightingale. (Available all year.)
First World War Soldier. (Available all year.)

Rainbow Theatre South West Performing Arts Provision

We are now offering and delivering a unique selection of services to enhance or increase your existing Performing Arts provision
Including Before and After School Clubs, PPA Cover and School Holiday Clubs, whilst providing good value for money.

Our schemes of work cover:
Grimm and Fairy Tales
Introduction to Shakespeare
A day in history
Glee Club (singing and dance)
Circus Club
Improvisation and Drama Club
Team teach- (for teachers wishing to broaden their drama delivery abilities.)

Contact details

Rainbow Theatre South West
35 wheeler grove

T- 07870233172