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“Performance was very interactive and engaging. A good hook for our Viking topic”

Newlands PS


Two Vikings come to a terrified monastery, where they ask to tel their story – with the children acting it out. How they were forced to leave their home in Scandinavia, cross the rough seas and make a new home in Iceland. The customs and laws, the traditions and hardships. They show the culture of their people, so different from their public image. Also the dangers of a blood feud, which eventually leads to the death of their father and a Viking ship burial.

VIKINGS! Involves all the children taking part in many roles. It is told in the form of an Icelandic saga which creates a heightened sense of theatre as well as bringing alive many facts from Viking times.

Rainbow involves children in a unique way—and this new workshop lends itself to those exciting techniques, where drama is used to fire the children’s minds and imaginations. Further details from

“Amazing! We were so happy with how the children engaged with the workshop” Saltdean PS


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