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Sompting Village PS

Victorian Children





The most popular and longest-running of all Rainbow Workshops, specially adapted so it can be played to a ‘bubble’ audience of approximately 30 children. This will allow us to perform two workshops running approximately half an hour each,  back to back. We cannot involve as much participation as with our usual workshop, but there will be lots of opportunities to allow children to feel they are taking part If your numbers require more that two shows, please get in touch, and we will try to accommodate you.


 The actors will all be socially distanced from the children, who will not be touched. All props will be sprayed before and after performances. 


Please do get back to us and we can discuss how we could come to your school and make this work for you and your children.


CONTENT: The workshop starts by getting children to understand what poor Victorian children would feel like.


They go to a Children’s Market where they are selected into jobs..


The first section deals with life in Victorian Schools: the Dame School and the Yorkshire Schools. We see children toshing and a child is ‘made’ into a better beggar.


The second section deals with work in Factories. 




The next section deals with climbing boys, and  the Master Sweep on his daily rounds.


Finally we create a Victorian coal mine.




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