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“Greatly enjoyed by staff and children. Impressed by attention to detail. Story was slick and perfectly pitched”

St Josephs

Saxon Invasion

The thrilling story of the start of Saxon Britain

A modern family are transported back to the times of the Romans getting ready to leave Britain and the Saxons arriving to conquer and settle. We follow the adventures of Chief Wulfhere and his attempts to make a home for his family from Saxony, in the face of dangers at home and from abroad. Farming and life in the Hall is shown. We meet Loci the Riddler and Storyteller and the tale of Beowulf is enacted, as well as witnessing the dastardly deeds of Wulfhere’s envious neighbour, Vieglund.

Burial customs and the coming of Christianity also play a part in Wulfhere’s story.

Rainbow is thrilled to be bringing this brand new production of SAXON INVASION into the repertoire. It is very exciting, actionpacked, full of fascinating information that will bring the Saxons alive for children watching and taking part in this performance that has masses of opportunities for participation, and post performance work.


“Greatly enjoyed by staff and children. Impressed by the attention to detail. Extensive notes were very useful. Story was slick and perfectly pitched!” BOLNEY CE


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