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“We had a fantastic day! Lots of positive Shakespeare associations into young minds”

Sompting Village PS

Introduction to Shakespeare

A workshop to excite and inspire children about Shakespeare! Great acting and the involvement of children in bringing Shakespeare plays to life.

CONTENT: The actors and the children take part in some acting warm-up exercises that relate directly to the extracts from plays that follow.

The Seven Ages speech is recited and the actors improvise little scenes around each of the ‘ages’.

The shipwreck scene from The Tempest is created, and the children realise how the first scenes of plays have to ‘grab’ the audience.

The Witches scene from Macbeth is acted out, and explained. The audience then ask the actors to perform the scene in a number of styles.

Shakespeare’s verse and language is looked at and demonstrated. How does he move his audience.

Shakespeare’s comedy is shown in the Caliban, Stephano, Trinculo scene from The Tempest. The children ‘direct’ the actors.

They also take part in the rehearsal scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

Finally the thrilling sword-fighting scene from Romeo & Juliet is created.

Rainbow are well-known for their acclaimed Shakespeare open-air productions in the summer, and this expertise and enthusiasm for the Bard is shared with children. They adapt the workshop according to the age of the students.


“A super  team of professional, friendly actors. The children were spell-bound” Canmore


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