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Rainbow’s Acclaimed Christmas Shows

INTRODUCTION: What makes a Rainbow Christmas show so memorable that children remember it years later? Firstly at Rainbow we ‘believe’ in the story. These pantomimes are our culture’s myths – and they draw the audience of all ages into their magic. We don’t have microphones to dominate the audience – just great actors performing great stories. The second unique feature of a Rainbow Christmas show is the way that the children are incorporated into the action. Our volunteers play a vital part in the performance – and for the children who aren’t picked, they empathise and are empowered with their friends who are acting. Lovely costumes, memorable songs, slap stick and drama all fuse together in a show that is suitable for all ages. Teachers, juniors and infants all ‘believe in the make-believe’. Comprehensive notes and music files accompany each production, which ends a school’s term on a very special Rainbow note.

Rainbow South – Christmas Shows 2018

The Sleeping Beauty

The most magical of pantomimes: the King and Queen achieve happiness with their long-awaited daughter. However their happiness is short-lived when the wicked Fairy Blackthorn turns up, uninvited, at the Christening. Great good versus evil comedy in the shapes of Fairy Daisy and Fairy Blackthorn aided, or (maybe hindered), by a Baby Dragon. Court jesters, songs, slap-stick and wonderful drama when Sleeping Beauty pricks her finger to sleep for a hundred years.Plus great opportunities for children to participate if they want to. Unmissable!


Rainbow London – Christmas Show 2018


Rainbow South West – Christmas Show 2018

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Enjoy Snow White and her amazing and exciting adventures in this most popular Rainbow ‘pantomime’. Snow White’s bravery in the face of danger, makes her a great role model. Children join the professional actors playing many of the parts in this inspiring story, including the animals in the forest as well as six of the seven dwarfs! Memorable songs, comedy, action and a one of the best baddie all make Snow White a must-see Christmas entertainment for the whole school.

What Schools said about our last production of Snow White:

“Many thanks for such an entertaining performance. It ended our term on a really high note.” BURY CE

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