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How Rainbow Does It

Four actors means that children can have a much greater degree of involvement in the productions and workshops.

The Teachers’ Notes suggest the way that children can be prepared prior to Rainbow’s visit. However THIS IS NOT ESSENTIAL. Each performance can stand on its own without preparation.

Dressing up – we know that children love dressing up and each show makes suggestions for costume and/or head dresses. Again, these are not essential. Certain shows work best if children can be barefoot like

Rainbow will arrive approximately 30 minutes before the start time of a performance in order to set up….(a cuppa is welcomed if possible – to lubricate the thespian voice!) Certain workshops and shows require a number of volunteers to be sent to the hall ten minutes before the start time, to be ‘briefed’.

The audience should either line up outside the hall for some workshops, or start coming into the hall five minutes before the start time.
After the show, there may be the opportunity to have a Q & A session with the actors and children.