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The most popular and longest-running of all Rainbow Workshops.

CONTENT: Pupils, in the costume of poor Victorian children, if possible, are taken back to feel what it would be like to live in Victorian Times.

They go to a Children’s Market where they are selected into jobs and activities.

The first section deals with life in Victorian Schools: the Dame School and the Yorkshire Schools. We see children toshing and pure-finding. A child is ‘made’ into a better beggar.

The second section deals with work in Factories. They are measured—and all those over 4’2 ó” are deemed to be over 13 and can work a 69 hour week. We see match girls, watch brick-throwers and see a Weaving Loom in action.

The next section deals with climbing boys, and we follow the Master Sweep on his daily rounds. Finally we go down the mines— where an overseer explains to the new children the tasks they must perform.

Finally the children are given a whole day’s holiday—and can discuss together what they have experienced.

Hundreds of children and teachers have said that they will never forget the moving experience of taking part in this workshop.